Objectives of building a pediatric subspecialty hospital

Project goals

Provide the best medical services at the lowest cost in accordance with international standards for disadvantaged sick children

Reduce child mortality by standardizing and adapting the hospital environment

Expansion of pediatric hospital beds due to the shortage of pediatric hospital beds in the country due to population growth and increase

Short-term training of physicians and medical staff through the arrival of experienced international medical teams of Zanjireh Omid on a monthly basis

Long-term training by sending doctors of the Omid chain to France for observer and clinical courses

Reduction of child mortality due to timely availability of medical team and medical services in this hospital and providing special services before and after surgery

Reduction of children's disabilities due to timely and rapid treatment; And the use of experienced and specialized medical staff based on pediatric treatment protocols

Provide complementary therapies after surgery, such as all stages of rehabilitation in all fields of children

Preventing children from being sent abroad for incurable treatments and providing the necessary arrangements by Zanjireh Omid charity team for treatment inside the country

Reducing the transfer time of patients for surgery and thus reducing the complications caused by delay in surgery

Reduction of nosocomial infections by observing standard personnel and standard equipment due to the use of children's shelter in order to continue treatment

Pediatric Surgery Fellowship Training to help promote pediatric subspecialty medicine in the country

Project stakeholders

1. Children supported by Zanjireh Omid:

According to the report of the support group and receiving the deprivation inquiry, the deprived patients are divided into two categories:

A: Patients who are financially able to contribute a small amount to the cost of treatment and the rest of the costs will be paid by the Chain of Hope.

B: Patients who are fully supported by the institution and have no financial means, and Zanjireh Omid charity provides all their medical expenses.

2. The middle class: those patients who can afford to pay for treatment according to the usual tariff.

3. Prosperous sections of society: Prosperous sections of society, considering that this hospital is the only pediatric hospital with this level in terms of specialized surgical services, so in addition to medical services, which are the same in all 3 groups, they want special services in residential wards.

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