Mission,Vision & value statement

Mission Statement:


"Zanjireh Omid mission is to Provide the best cost-effective healthcare services in accordance with international standards for children under the age of 18 facing cardiac, orthopedic and reconstructive diseases regardless of race, religion or nationality, in order to improve the children’s health within the country"


Vision Statement:


“Zanjireh Omid International Charity aims to develop and improve pediatric services across the country with the goal of providing specialized treatments in accordance with international standards to all underprivileged children to the point where no child faces death or lifelong disability due to lack of access to appropriate healthcare services”


Values Statement:


1.  Integrity, honesty and righteousness

2.   Transparency and responsiveness

3.  Respect for human dignity (donors, patients and staffs)

4.  Providing information and training services to patients

5.  Comprehensive look at medical teams and team work

6.  Protection of children's right to healthcare and prevention of discrimination against children based upon their birthplace.

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