Code of Ethics

Chain of Hope Charity International Code of Ethics
Article 1: The main chain is hoping to provide health care for children due to the lack of technical equipment and financial resources in the country of origin can not be cared for them.

Article 2: Chain of Hope children who need and can not afford to pay attention to the treatment of disease.

Article 3: Chain of Hope care for children, regardless of nationality, race or religion they are.

Article 4: Chain of Hope Medical Group provides specialized training for medical doctors to treat children are able to competently carry out the work.

Article 5: Chain of Hope medical and technical knowledge, equipment and consumables to the hospital in the country that provides them is not efficient.

Article 6: Chain World hopes to facilitate the development of the hospital to meet the needs of children in the respective country shall apply.

Article 7: Chain of Hope for the harmonious development of children's access to education through support programs provided.

Article 8: Chain of Hope has committed to participate in the defense of children's rights.

Article 9: Chain of Hope will ensure that all the necessary qualifications of the experts who Thddr especially the mission and commitments have been made.

Article 10: Chain of Hope's community relations based on the beneficiary population is considered.

Article 11: Chain of Hope all the necessary technical and financial partners to support its mission.

Article 12: Chain of Hope campaign financing to execute its mission.

Article 13: Chain of Hope is committed to promoting transparency in relations with donors, particularly its commitment to adhere to the Code of Ethics, social and humanitarian organizations said.

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