Modarres Clinic Project

Reduction of Mortality Rate among Children

Modarres Clinic Project

Title: Establishment of cardiac clinic for diagnosis of cardiac problems and provision of medical and echocardiography services to newborns and children with cardiac conditions.

Necessity of Project: Zanjireh Omid established a cardiac and echography unit at Modarres hospital to decrease mortality rate among newborns and children suffering from congenital heart defects and to promote quality of pre and post-operative care for children. Patients were visited 5 times a week at this clinic. Some of patients received echocardiography at the clinic and some others at the pediatric cardiac surgery and cardiology ward. There was a low quality echo machine installed at the clinic (Brand: Kontron), making accurate echo and fetal echo of pregnant women nonviable. This caused serious disruption in cardiology and pediatric cardiac surgery. there was no tilt test and cardiac stress test services, essential tools for pediatric cardiac teaching at pediatric cardiac department of Modarres Hospital. Due to Overcrowding in the hospital clinics, there was no food service or relaxing space provided for children and their families waiting for echo. All of the above issues caused reduction in children's recovery rate because of inaccessibility to timely diagnosis and treatment. Equipment of this cardiac clinic located in Modarres Hospital helped children access accurate diagnosis, timely treatment procedures, and high quality care and eventually regain their health.

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