Formation of a project to build a subspecialty hospital

According to Ministry of Health officials, 105,000 hospital beds are needed to meet current and near-future needs. However, it is estimated that with the help of government facilities and in the absence of non-governmental sectors to facilitate the process of hospitalization or reconstruction of existing medical facilities, the process of completing the required number of beds in the country will take 40 years.

Pediatric surgeries are less preferred in public and teaching hospitals and, of course, have less space to operate, and pediatric surgeries in pediatric hospitals are often severely lacking in beds and new facilities.

Lack of specialized and sub-specialized staff in pediatrics in the country is one of the main problems that requires the need to create a medical and educational environment that can provide medical services as well as fellowships (fellowships) in various fields of children.

To achieve this, Zanjireh Omid Charity after holding several meetings with the President of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and at the suggestion of the then Minister of Health and after 8 months of negotiations with the legal team of Tehran University of Medical Sciences LBOT signed a 95-year contract with the university. According to the contract, a 26,000-square-meter plot of land in the Javadieh area of ​​Tehran on the west side of Baharloo Hospital was given to Omid for 95 years, and Zanjireh Omid Institute is responsible for building a 540-bed hospital with a focus on pediatric surgery, Pediatric Research Center. There is a pediatric rehabilitation center with 100 beds and a children's accommodation with 30 beds.

Due to the type of activity of this institute in creating a very suitable structure in accordance with the needs of Iran, Zanjireh Omid in cooperation with Tinafarayand Consulting Engineers Company and cooperation agreement with APHP (Government Assistant of Paris Hospitals) decided to conduct feasibility studies, economic plans and Took a medical program. For this purpose, in January 2017, by signing a contract with APHP, a hospital feasibility study was conducted for one year with research and field studies in Tehran, which included local and field studies, visits to active children's hospitals in Tehran, and holding numerous meetings with individuals. The key was the Ministry of Health and also Tehran University of Medical Sciences, all of which led to the preparation of a feasibility study with an economic and medical plan.

During the period of March 2016 and August 2017, the team of APHP International Company had three missions to Iran to prepare feasibility studies, economic plan and hospital medical plan. The team held several separate meetings with the President of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Jafarian, Director of the National Institute for Health Research, Director and Management of Mofid Children's Hospital, Deputy Minister of Health, Management and Deputies of Children's Medical Center, Deputy of Equipment and Human Resources of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The Board of Trustees of the Ministry of Health has had a team of doctors in Zanjireh Omid, as well as Tinafarayand Consulting Engineers.

In a meeting held on August 28, 2017 with the presence of Dr. Jafarian, then President of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Alipour, Vice Chancellor of Tehran University, Dr. Badv, Ms. Marashi, Mr. Mir Emadi and the APHP group, among the main model and proposed scenarios in addition to the main model of the hospital, which provided all general and specialized medical services, Zanjireh Omid also chose the second and third options, which were planned based on APHP studies.

Having a well-equipped and standard rehabilitation center for children can cover all the rehabilitation needs of children on a large scale. This center will optimize the medical care, the continuity of this care and reduce the waiting time for rehabilitation. Also, this section will be in line with the current activities of Zanjireh Omid. The Rehabilitation Center includes a large daily rehabilitation area where physiotherapists, psychologists and speech therapists provide medical services to sick children. Following the provision of intensive care at the Children's Hospital, the center should be provided with 25 rehabilitation beds in the field of neurology and 25 multivalent beds for cardiac, respiratory, nutritional, orthopedic and metabolic (obesity) rehabilitation. A 100-bed ward should also be dedicated to long-term rehabilitation care for children with multiple disabilities.

A pediatric research center focusing on genetics is also one of the strengths of the educational activities of Zanjireh Omid Children's Hospital. This center will also open new windows on new therapies and advances in medical science in various fields such as gene therapy and embryology. In addition to conducting research activities in the field of medicine, the research center will operate in the field of laboratory research. The scientific orientation and equipment of this department will be explained based on the research policies of the university and the scientific decisions of the faculty members working in the children's hospital.

Due to the lack of a pediatric trauma center in the country, Zanjireh Omid Institute, after much deliberation, decided to add a pediatric trauma center to the hospital. Depending on the location of the hospital, a trauma center can meet the needs of the injured patients. Building a high-capacity accommodation center next to the hospital is one of the unique features of Zanjireh Omid Children's Hospital. Since the hospital is a referral center in the country and even in the region, the existence of a residential center can solve the accommodation problems of patients who have referred from outside Tehran.

At the end of 2017, the final version of the feasibility studies and medical plan was presented to Zanjireh Omid. And in January 2018, APHP company signed another agreement with the Omid chain charity regarding technical consulting and project implementation management, as well as training of the hospital's future manpower. According to this contract, APHP company will provide technical consulting and project management services in all stages of hospital construction for 5 years. After the construction of the hospital, all stages of equipping the hospital will be done under the supervision of APHP.

It should be noted that useful and completely valuable studies have been done on the feasibility of this hospital, which according to experts is the most complete hospital package in the country.

After completing the zero phase of the contract, Tinafarayand Company started phase one of the project, which includes the design of operational plans, architectural plans, mechanical and electrical projects of the project. All the plans prepared by Tinafarayand were reviewed during several meetings with APHP and Zanjireh Omid team in Iran and France. Then, the final version of these maps was reviewed in a meeting with the department of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Simultaneously with the engineering works of phase one, after holding a tender to perform soil tests on the project site, Mandro company was selected with a high score. This company started its work in August 1397 at the project site and wells were drilled to study the land and the results of Mandro's studies were presented to Zanjireh Omid in October 1397.

For the excavation part of the project, Kayson Company was introduced as a contractor during the tender and the excavation operation was started by this company in early March 2016 and the excavation and nailing operations were completed by the end of December 2017. In January 1398, a retaining wall contract was signed with Kayson Company, but unfortunately, due to the covid-19 outbreak and the resulting restrictions, this operation was interrupted.

Also, during the year 1399, regular meetings were held on a weekly basis to review the progress of the project, More than 60 different official meetings have been held in the management office of Zanjireh Omid, as well as the Ministry of Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran Municipality, Tehran City Council, District 11 Municipality and its subdivisions, various government organizations and departments, private companies, etc. All of them have been in the direction of carrying out this great project of the Pediatric Hospital of Zanjireh Omid.

After conducting evaluations to begin construction operations, the institute has decided to build the hospital on a phased basis.

The hospital project will be implemented in four phases:

** Phase 1: Construction of the entire skeleton of the hospital

** phase 2: equipping and operating 135 beds

** Phase 3: Operation and construction of 305 beds (total of 440 beds at the end of the two phases)

** Phase 4: The development of the hospital will be up to 540 beds.

 Currently, the construction of phase one of the project is underway with the implementation of the foundation of the main parts of the structure, so that we can move towards the full operation of the 540-bed children's subspecialty hospital to achieve the health of our children.

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