Cardiac Healthcare Services at Zanjireh Omid International Charity Institute

Cardiac Healthcare Services at Zanjireh Omid International Charity Institute

The advance of medicine and modern technology has made survival of children with cardiac problems, which were untreatable until last decade,  possible through therapeutic measures and surgeries.

Cardiac Examinations 
According to the decision made by the institute’s medical council, no diagnostic clinic is not held for cardiac patients. Due to the urgent need of newborns and infants with cardiac conditions to medical care, they are referred to Zanjireh Omid's volunteer doctors for examination, diagnosis and echocardiogram as soon as possible.

Cardiac Surgical procedures: following primary examinations, if need be,  patient undergoes angiography or open-heart surgery by volunteer pediatric cardiac surgeons of Zanjireh Omid, using best medical devices in compliance with international standard protocols.

Projects Conducted by Zanjireh Omid in Cardiac Field

Reduction of Mortality Rate among Newborns with Cardiac Problems (Newborn Cardiac NICU Center)
Zanjireh Omid Charity Institute has been offering top cost-effective medical services based on international standards since its foundation. The institute also provides training courses for medical teams in therapeutic, surgical and cardiac fields. After conduction of studies on the post-op mortality rate of newborns with cardiac problems by the institute's academic board and comparison with developed countries' standard rates, the institute decided to carry out a project titled "reduction of neonatal mortality rate after cardiac surgeries". The project rolled out in February 2015 unofficially, and the mortality rate has decreased from 23% to 5% since then.

Since Children Medical Center is the only specialized infant cardiac center and most of the top cardiac specialists cooperating with the institute work at this center, the institute signed a memorandum of understanding with the center to initiate the project of reducing infant mortality rate after cardiac surgery in a building space provided by the center in February 2015. This project includes two sections:
1 Supplying 15 ICU beds to reduce number of patients on the waiting list and consequently reducing the mortality rate.
2. Training and forming a team to provide specialized services before and after cardiac surgery.
According to statistics, 13000 newborns with congenital cardiac disease are born every year. This is a considerable figure and justifies the efforts to reduce mortalityrate among children with congenital cardiac problems through conducting such projects. Some of Zanjireh Omid’s measures in this project are as follows:
1. Deconstruction, renovation and repair of ICU 
2. Equipment of the cardiac ICU
3. Deconstruction and renovation of Central Compressed Air System
4. Equipment of cardiac operation room
5. Equipment of Cardiac ICU
6. Teamwork and training programs for operation room staff such as nurses and doctors including offering overtime pay to personnel, sending surgeons, general practitioners and nurses to pass observer courses, providing incentive pays to 40 nurses and 20 operation room personnel by Zanjireh Omid Institute for 5 years.


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