Video: Omid Story/ Hadiseh

Hadiseh is one of the hardworking and intelligent children of Zanjireh Omid who got to know this institute through the United Nations. Hadiseh is now 9 years old and was born prematurely, In addition to the dislocation of the pelvis, she had a huge arch in the lumbar region. The dislocation of the pelvis was treated with surgery and the spine was treated to some extent with pre-op rehabilitation services. Zanjireh Omid's occupational therapy unit is focused on strengthening the muscles and strengthening her function so that she can walk normally after the operation. Hadiseh likes to walk early and tries her best for treatment. She learned the exercises herself and has very good cooperation with the treatment staff. Hadiseh wants to become an occupational therapist in the future. Now she is looking forward to the future with the help of her mother, sub-specialist doctors, and experienced treatment staff of Zanjireh Omid and with the help and efforts of benefactors.

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