Video: Omid Story/ Amirali

Amirali is one of the children of Zanjireh Omid from Jiroft, he came to Zanjireh Omid with his mother in a wheelchair from the first day. As his mother said, since he was 2 years old, he had been visited by many doctors and he was even operated by an orthopedist. Now he has come to Zanjireh Omid, he is 12 years old and can stand on his own feet. According to the diagnosis of our doctors, he walked with a walker during the first 2 weeks of the operation, and then with the help of his mother, finally he was able to walk by himself. Amirali is a symbol of a strong and hard-working boy who was able to cure himself to a great extent with his own efforts and the help of his mother and sub-specialist doctors.

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