Fundraising Event Hosted by Zarsimara and Parsian Company

The meeting was attended by the heads of Zarsimara and Parsian Company

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Zarsimara and Parsian Company hosted Zanjireh Omid's fundraising event on Tuesday, Oct. 15. The heads of Zarsim Ara and Parsian Company hosted the event themed "540-bed Omid Pediatric Hospital Project."

Dr. Miremadi, The managing director of Zarsimara made a speech about the importance of Hospital construction project at this event "Due to the transparency and principles of Zanjireh Omid, I have kept in touch with the institute for over a decade. I continue my support, cooperation, and request all in attendance to support and cooperate with Zanjireh Omid in constructing this national project, "he said.

Maryam Marashi, the managing director of Zanjireh Omid thanked Dr. Miremadi and explained about the achievements and activities of the institute, saying, "You are not just supporting one institute but the children of a country. I, as a representative of children, thank the supporters of Zanjireh Omid International Charity Institute on behalf of all children."

The meeting involved description of activities and reports of Zanjireh Omid with the main theme of "construction project of 540-bed Omid pediatric hospital". The construction of this project is a huge step toward the development of Iran's pediatrics.

 Zanjireh Omid is willing to hold friendly meetings with other companies and sponsors to move forward the construction pf Omid pediatric hospital and help the development pediatrics and children of Iran.   



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