Subspecialty Clinic of Professor Valenti

The clinic was held at Zanjireh Omid

Friday, October 4, 2019

Hand orthopedic clinic of professor Valenti, his French medical and the team of Tehran University of Medical Sciences headed by Dr. Kamrani was held on October 4, 2019 at Zanjireh Omid charity institute.

This medical team previously performed brachial plexus surgery in the country for the first time and travel to Iran for subspecialty clinics occasionally.

The physicians began visiting patients at Children's House of Zanjireh Omid just few hours after they arrived in Iran.

Patients with orthopedic disorders and Erb's Palsy came to the institute from all over Iran, queuing from early hours of Friday. Due to the high number of patients, their early arrival, and long waiting line at Zanjireh Omid, they and their companions were served with snacks.

Over 130 patients were visited and medically examined free of charge at this clinic.

The treatment procedure of these patients are complex due to their critical physical conditions. All of the patients were visited by the volunteer pediatricians of Zanjireh Omid until 9 pm on Friday.

A number of these patients had been followed up after their surgery and required second operation. Some of the patients were new and others came to complete their treatment procedures.

17 patients were scheduled to undergo surgery. This list is likely to be added up after doctors' further reviews. The surgeries began by the medical team of Zanjireh Omid including 20 to 30 physicians on Saturday morning at Children Medical Center.

The surgeries will continue for two days (Saturday and Sunday).

A number of patients were put on Dr. Zargar and Zanjani's surgery wait list, who are about to undergo surgical operations very soon.

It should be mentioned that many of the patients benefited from Professor Valenti's consultation on their treatment process; moreover, eight patients who were diagnosed with Erb's palsy are to be operated on by using Fibrin glues provided by Zanjireh Omid.

Every year, Zanjireh Omid hosts free subspecialty clinics for patients with orthopedic, cardiac and reconstructive conditions to promote pediatrics. Since its foundation over 16000 medical examinations have been performed in these clinics.

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