Cleft Lip and Palate Clinics

Cleft lip and palate clinics were held at the same time at Zanjireh Omid Charity Institute

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Zanjireh Omid International Charity Institute hosted three clinics for Cleft Lip and palate treatment protocol on September 21, 2019. Dr. Jalilon, a speech therapist; Dr. Shirazi, an orthodontist; and Dr. Fathi, a plastic surgeon attended the clinic to visit patients.

Reconstructive patients are visited, operated on and treated on a regular basis, with long treatments taking sometimes up to 10 years. Zanjireh Omid provides this opportunity in a form of a solid cleft lip and plate treatment protocol for underprivileged children at no cost.

In the last summer clinic of the institute, 18 patients were medically examined, of whom seven were scheduled for surgery and will undergo speech therapy and orthodontics following their surgery. The rest of the patients will go through their treatment pathway under the care of Zanjireh Omid's pediatricians.

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