Foreign diplomats' Visit to the Construction Site of Omid Hospital

The spouse of Iran's foreign minister, ambassadors, doctors and donors attended Zanjireh Omid's fundraising event.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mrs. Zarif, the spouse of Iran's foreign minister, along with foreign diplomats, Zanjireh Omid's volunteer doctors and sponsors participated in the institute's fundraising event in support of refugee children and the pediatric hospital construction project on 16 December 2018 at the construction site of 540-bed Omid pediatric hospital. The ceremony was attended by political figures including: ambassadors, and foreign diplomats of France, Japan, Australia, Bulgaria, Hungry, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Senegal and UNHCR officials. In the beginning, Mrs. Zarif delivered a speech on behalf of Iran's ministry of foreign affairs highlighting humanitarian activities, medical background and achievements of Zanjireh Omid. Afterwards, Maryam Marashi, the managing director of Zanjireh Omid gave a speech presenting Zanjireh Omid charity institute, its history in medical treatment of children since 2007, its cooperation, the significance of hospital project in pediatric healthcare, treatment and surgery of children and previously conducted studies on this project. Rakhshan Banietemad, The film director of Hey Human documentary also spoke about her documentary to the audience. An APHP agent and Mr. Miremadi, the manager of Tina Farayand co., gave speeches on their cooperation with the institute and the hospital project as well. The focal theme of the event was "the presentation of Zanjireh Omid, the construction project of 540-bed pediatric hospital and challenges of refugee children treatment". In one part of the ceremony, an Afghan child treated by Zanjireh Omid talked about the satisfactory situation ofhealthcare system in Iran and wished for global peace and a world with no war. It should be noted that this child had been shot in a shooting by Taliban in Afghanistan and underwent a successful surgery by Zanjireh Omid's doctors.

Zanjireh Omid is looking to multilateral and humanitarian cooperation to improve treatment procedures of children day by day. This goal would be realized by the establishment of 540-bed pediatric hospital.

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