Successful surgery of chest with “NUSS” device

Successful surgery of chest with “NUSS” device

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Successful surgery of chest with “NUSS” device for the first time in Iran by the medical team of Zanjireh Omid Charity Institute

After many days passing finally it was Sara’s turn to be operated on Dec 7,2012. This surgery was unique and Sara who was struggling with this problem, had a successful operation.

Surgery of the chest with “NUSS” device- problems of suprasternal notch of the chest

Sara who suffers from the suprasternal notch of the chest will experience the days without pain and suffering with this treatment method. This disease is called “Pectus Excauatum” (Funnel Chest) is caused because of the abnormal growth of several ribs and sternum.

This problem put pressure on the heart and lungs of the patient and can cause breathing issues for the patient.

This surgery was done for the first time by “Donald Nuss” in 1990. In this surgery inside of the chest is scanned by thorocoscope and with a special device the chest’s deformity is corrected.

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