Professor Keyvan Mazda Treated over 500 Children in Iran

Monday, October 8, 2018

Over 500 surgeries out of 10600 free surgical operations, have been performed by Dr. Mazda's medical team at Zanjireh Omid international charity institute in Iran.
Professor Mazda, a co-founder of Zanjireh Omid and a member of MSF,  was recognized as a world-known spine surgeon.
Born in 1949 in the Iranian city of Abadan, Keyvan Mazda immigrated to France when he was seven with his family. He studied Orthopedics and spine surgery fellowship in Paris and soon become a well-known spine surgeon thanks to his intelligence and perseverance. He invented techniques that today are commonly used for scoliosis surgery at various medical centers throughout the fact; his exclusive techniques have made the surgery of complex spine cases viable. He invented over 30 medical devices applied in spine surgeries by himself. 

He used to travel to Iran twice a year to visit patients and perform surgeries with his volunteer Iranian and French medical team. He also trained and taught new methods to more than 40 spine fellows over these years whom they cooperate with Zanjireh Omid as volunteers and treat children irrespective of race, ethnicity and religion.
Dr Mazda's services were not limited solely to Iran. He was a member of La Chaîne de l'Espoir institute, a medical NGO serving children in developing countries. He traveled to various countries for humanitarian purposes every year and treated patients regardless of their nationality and race. He saved thousand of lives during his life.
In his last trip in September 2018, he performed over 30 surgeries with his medical team in Iran. Following a stressful meeting session in Paris, he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest and stroke after a sudden asthma attack and went into coma. He passed away on October 3r, 2018
Zanjireh Omid provides top and cost effective medical and healthcare services in compliance with international standards to children under 18 who do not have easy access to such services and suffer from cardiac, orthopedic and reconstructive conditions irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity . Due to high cost efficiency of the medical services offered by the institute, the donations made by sponsors and donors are efficiently spent for children's treatment.

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