A Note by General Director of Zanjireh Omid on the Passing of Professor Keyvan Mazda

October 3rd. 2018 was a shocking day for me

Thursday, October 4, 2018

It was 9:30 am when they removed the life support from Dr. Keyvan Mazda.
Over the past 15 days, I was worried but hopeful. I was concerned about my friend's health.
I was hopeful he would get better.
Since 5 days ago when I came to Paris, I cried at his bedside. I prayed for him, called his name and played the voices of his friends and patients.
I said prayers to God; however, I did not know that fate had other plans for him in store.

Dear Keyvan,
You left no memories but humanity, and truth on my mind over the 16 years of acquaintance.
I never forget the first day when we founded Zanjireh Omid Charity Institute together in Iran 13 years ago. You were so eager to serve innocent children with such profound love.
You did whatever you could with no trace of pretension.
You did whatever you could with no expectation .
You were seeking neither title nor fame; you refrained from any of those things.
When Ms. Monard and I visited the construction site of the hospital last week, I felt the trembling in my feet.
You are not between us to establish the orthopedic department of the hospital as you promised. But I assure you that the department will be named after you so that the people who will serve there, dedicate your love to innocent children
This is the first day that you are not between us.
You left us and I am all alone with pile of works and responses, which I have to give to thousand children and their mothers .
Maryam Marashi,
October 03, 2018

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