A Subspecialty Clinic Held by Zanjireh Omid

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dr. Valenti and his medical team travel to Iran twice a year to treat patients with hand orthopedic problems with cooperation of Iranian volunteer doctors. The treatment of some cases may take couple of years and a number of them need to attend the clinics frequently. Iranian and French volunteer doctors visited the patients from 7:30 am to 9 pm at the clinic.
Patients attended the clinic suffered from orthopedic disorders including Erb's Palsy or Brachial Plexus injury, one the most common orthopedic conditions.  Erb’s palsy is an injury that occurs when the nerves in a baby’s upper arm are damaged during delivery. Injury to this network of nerves often occurs when the arm is forcibly pulled or stretched. The number of patients with Brachial Plexus injuries is increasingly growing in Iran. 60% of the patients visited at the clinic suffered from this problem. Surgery of Brachial Plexus injuries require a certain type of glue called "fibrin glue", imported by Zanjireh Omid charity institute. These cases also require rehabilitation services as postoperative care. Other cases such as congenital deformities and complex disorders were also visited at the clinic.
In total, 98 patients were visited, of whom 20 patients were scheduled to undergo surgical operations. Dr. Valenti, his medical team and Iranian volunteer doctors including: Dr. Zargar, Dr. Zanjani, and Dr. Nabian performed the surgeries from Sunday until Monday night at Children Medical Center.
Following the surgeries, the doctors deliver post-operative care to the patients. In order to obtain positive surgical outcome, some of the patients require rehabilitation services after the surgeries. These cases can benefit from free rehab services offered at Zanjireh Omid or refer to other contracted organizations such as Iran Red Crescent to enjoy discount.  

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