Official Opening of Orthodontic Clinic

At Zanjireh Omid Children's House

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tehran (Zanjireh Omid PR)- Zanjireh Omid orthodontic clinic was inaugurated by Dr. Shirazi on June 1, 2017. Disadvantaged patients now could receive orthodontic services at no cost in the institute. Zanjireh Omid orthodontic services have certain benefits including: full treatment from start to finish, monthly visits for dental checkup and orthodontic treatment of underprivileged children; moreover, certain cases might need to have jaw surgery prior to the orthodontic process. Treatment of certain cases might last years, for instance, there is a 6 year old kid whose treatment might last till 16 according to his dentist. Treatment begins based on urgent cases and previous visits. The treatment process involves the following issues:
1. Revisit(Clinical)
2. Case description
3. Radiography
4. Healthcare plan
5. Case studies
6. Setting next appointment

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