Mrs. Marashi's Speech at the Meeting of Diplomatic Ladies Group

General Director of Zanjireh Omid Attended a Coffee Morning at Oman's House in Tehran

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The committee members of Diplomatic Ladies Group (DLG) in Tehran held a coffee morning at Oman's House in Tehran to raise funds for Zanjireh Omid's Charity Institute. Oman ambassador's wife hosted the event which was attended by more than 70 guests, including Maryam Imanieh, wife of Iran's foreign minister. Mrs. Marashi, general director of the institute made a speech at the meeting and explained the treatment project of refugee children ( legal, illegal and stateless )with cardiac, orthopedic and reconstructive conditions in Iran. The project aims to fulfill UN convention on the rights of children regardless of ethnicity, nationality and religion. Maryam Imanieh also spoke about the importance of the refugee children project being pursued by Zanjireh Omid and emphasized on the protection of refugees in Iran.

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