Hope in the most hopless circumstances

Hope in the most hopless circumstances

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mobina’s family who lives in Gonbad found out about her disease when she was just 8 months old. She is 3 years old now with spine deformity(scoliosis). Her family wanted to treat her from that time. They consulted with a pediatric doctor and they were referred to one of the volunteer orthpedic specialists of the institute.

After being referred, doctors took spine radiographs every 4 months to monitor the disease’s progress. This process has been continued with more precise examinations by referring Mobina to Prof. Mazda.

Three months passed from the last time that Prof. Mazda came to Iran on Oct,2012 and after examinations he told them that she could not be opeated while the result would not be successful.

The cold autumn days passed after each other but Mobina’s family did not give up. They even prayed to Hazrat-e-Roghaye Imam Hosein’s 3 year old girl to see their child healthy again and just after a few days Prof. Mazda came to Iran and suddenly her surgery’s obstacles disappeared. Prof. Mazda chose her as a candidate for syrgery. One of the sponsors covered her surgery cost. After a successful surgery, Mobina is now completely healthy and resting at home.

It took 35 days from the hospitalization to Mobina’s discharge so that she can become healthy again.

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