nerve monitoring

nerve monitoring

Monday, September 23, 2013

The spine surgeries all over the world are done using a system which enables the surgeon to monitor the function of the spinal cord during the surgery. Any additional pressure on spinal cord or starting of damage is visible on this system. This system is called ”Nerve Monitoring” which has never been used before in spine surgeries in Iran. This system is purchased by Zanjireh Omid Institute and installed at Sina hospital for the first time in Iran on 2012/12/04. A sample of this system with 4 channels was provided as fiduciary last year and used for the surgeries at Sina hospital.

 Monitoring the nerve system during the spine surgery has always been one of the main preoccupations in these surgeries. During the scoliosis corrective surgery, damage of the spinal cord is probable and this is the main anxiety of the surgery team which could undermine the outcomes of a surgery.

For checking the nervous system of the patients during the scoliosis surgeries and to be sure that the nerves are not damaged, doctors should return the consciousness to patient during the operation to verify that the spinal cord is safe and the patient has control on his organs. With the Nerve Monitoring System there is no need to these methods anymore.

This system will be used this week by Prof. Keyvan Mazda (the volunteer doctor of Zanjireh Omid Institute) for the surgery of 11 underprivileged patients who suffer from scoliosis (severe deformity of spine). In these operations Dr. Tarif Masri Zada will also show the Iranian doctors at Sina hospital how to use the Nerve Monitoring System.

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