Holding the orthopedic clinic with international doctors

Holding the orthopedic clinic with international doctors

Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's impossible to describe the excitement, waiting for the birth of a human from you.

It is also when you completely sure about your nutrition, enough rest, tests and you were nine months counting…

After too much waiting and caring, the last hours, you are counting the seconds for being a mother or father.

All things go well on the plan and the doctor prediction and there is nothing to be worry about but your child…!

Your child who will born with birth defects with no reasons. The birth defects which is not only has observed in your spouse or your family, but also you've never faced it before.

He/ she is all your life….you love him…her…

But he/she is not look the others…

According to public relations of Zanjirehomid report, last day (Saturday) April 25th 2015, doctor Valenti checked the patient who were visited and treated in the last clinic. He also examined (for free) the new patients who suffer from complex orthopedic problem and they don’t have enough wealth to pay for their treatments.

The children were present at the clinic, came from different places in Iran and they had the Complex congenital anomalies and orthopedic problem.

In addition to Dr. Valenti as the head of the team, Dr. Rui Ferreira Da Silva, Dr. Xavier Reingval, Dr. Benjamin Lasry, Dr. Thibour Lafosse, one French photographer, Dr. Seyed Rsmin Hajzargarbashi, Dr Reza Abdi, Dr. Amir Reza Farhood and Dr. Leila Zanjani (who are the institute volunteers) were attended.

Amir Mehdi is three and half years old, he had registered in Zanjireomid Institute since he was 6 months. His mother declared:

"We were shocked! No tests, no ultrasound, not screening, nothing had the sign of our child's disability. But due to a rare genetic disorder that had taken place during pregnancy, the hand fingers and toes haven't been fully formed. There is an excrescence on his sole which helps him a hardly walking.

It was difficult. The examinations were so expensive and we couldn't pay for them.  But we weren't disappointed and we were doing our best for his health. After sometimes we were introduced to the Zanjirehomid Charity Institute, and thank great God, the doctors started his treatment process. After few time, the improvement process was observed. We are so happy and thankful.

Despite institute and its medical team tried for treatment and follow-up steps to treat my son day and night, with all the unpleasant things of life and the sorrow of his father and me, we don’t have problem.

Our son walks with great effort and sometimes shakes his fingers in front of me to makes me believe that he has fingers then I feel happy.

Every time I feel sad, I review with myself…

All the time I have prayed…

I remember all these have tiredness… self-sacrifice…

I remember the decision we had made is the great one…

Dr. Philippe Valenti, the orthopedic hand surgery specialist, is one of volunteer of the international chain of hope institute, who cooperate with us for free.

He believes that the best physician is the great God and nobody has the ability to cure and treat as well as him. He declares that he is only a mean who has given the gift from God and he will do his best to improve and cure the Iranian children.
Since he has started his activities in zanjirehomid, he has had 87 cases for surgery and 286 cases for examination in his specialized pediatric orthopedic clinics.
His specialized team and he, after 6 months, came to Iran last day to attend to a specialized clinic. In that clinic, in addition to examination the infants with Orthopedic deformity of hand, he will surgery the underprivileged children under 18.

The Iranian pediatric orthopedic specialists such as Dr. Seyed Ramin Hajzargarbashi, Dr. Leila Zanjani, Dr. Amirreza Farhood, and Dr. Reza Abdi were attend to the clinic as well.

Ms. Maryam Marashi, the general director of Zanjirehomid, in addition to the direct supervision of the work of doctors and examination process, spoke with the clients came from all over the country to Tehran, and at the time required between examinations, she held meeting related to the rare and complex cases with the medical team for the best decision. 

In the orthopedic clinic, 73 children with complex orthopedic hand disorders, were examined. 23 cases had priority over the next three days, with the presence of Dr. Valenti and Dr. Dasilva along with orthopedic specialists, will be operated in the Medical Center Hospital and the remaining ones who have remaining treatment period, will be accompanied by the doctor Valenty.

It should be notified the Pediatric Medical Center Hospital, under the supervision of Tehran University who has long been involved with the Institute activities, Over the next three days host children who are undergoing surgery.

The four families who their children have priority for operation and they had no possibility of staying in Tehran, were settled in the Children House (the Children Dormitory).

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