Health week for children subject to cardiovascular disease

Health week for children subject to cardiovascular disease

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Zanjireh Omid Charity Institute being active in the treatment of poor children with cardiovascular diseases, orthopedic and reconstructive sicknesses since 2008, planned to organize in Tehran Health week for children subject to cardiovascular disease in cooperation of Tehran University of Medical sciences and health Services.

Programs and goals of the week are as the following order:

Awareness and educating families about congenital heart disease of children and infants, about symptoms and methods of diagnosis and treatment of these diseases through Out-of-home advertising for a week through billboards and lamp post banners.

The presence of the team of surgeons and cardiovascular specialists for children, in 14 health houses dependent to Tehran Municipality to give consultations and to respond to the questions of children with cardiovascular concerns, on 17 and 18 December.

Face to face advertising and awareness in 30 metro stations in Tehran through the elements formed for this purpose and guide citizens asking for more consultation to health houses. on 17 and 18 December

Societal awareness on congenital heart disease children being the most viewed congenital diseases among newborns and infants and prepares the context for improving health services and to support the development of infrastructures in order to promote the diagnostic's and children's Treatment across Iran and to solve problems in this regard.

The presentation of the Project of reduction of death caused by congenital heart disease, the project that is currently running in the Children's Medical Center Hospital.

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