Pr.Valenti carried out 28 surgeries on Zanjireh Omid children's for free

Pr.Valenti carried out 28 surgeries on Zanjireh Omid children's for free

Friday, May 23, 2014

As the public relations of the charity reports, prof.Valenti with Dr.Dasilva, Dr. Lafous and Dr.Renzoual took a 3 days trip to Tehran and operated 28 covered kids of the charity.

The volunteered physicians of the charity take a number of trips to Iran from France every year. These missions are held by the help of the charity organizations in France and some underprivileged children with complex orthopedic problems get free operations during these trips and also the physicians share their experiences and techniques in surgery with the Iranian partners.

Prof. Valenti and his team came to Iran on Sat, April 19, 2014 and examined 55 covered kids and, he operated 28 kids with complex orthopedic problems during 3 days of stay in Tehran.

Also, the Iranian physicians and orthopedic residents took part in the operations and educated the newest methods of surgery.

Prof. Valenti had many lucky operations in his previous trips to Iran such as the grafting operation of toe finger into the hand for kids who don’t have hand fingers congenitally and also grafting of muscle to cure the Obscan paralysis.

The Iranian physicians whom attended this workshop included Dr.Moradi, Dr.Farhood, Dr.Zanjani and Dr.nabian with the supervision of Dr. Kamrani the hand orthopedic fellowship from Tehran medical university.

Prof. Valenti expressed his satisfaction from the mission before returning to France and mentioned his mission, full of special cases and experiences.

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