Zakieh is now treated

Zakieh is now treated

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It has been around a month ago which we went to the Dr. Shariati hospital in order to visit the hospitalized children of Zanjireh Omid in the hospital. Among the children, an eleven years old girl called Zakieh was present which has been 10 years since her problem was started.

Zakireh was suffering from Scoliosis or congenital spinal deviation. When we saw her hospitalized in the hospital and having her stretching process before the surgery, we didn’t realize the extend which her illness was critical. However, yesterday we interviewed with Dr Mehrpour, Zakieh's doctor.

Before anything, Dr Mehrpour gave us an exciting and happy news to us, as Zakieh has now completed her treatment process, and now can live normally like her own same age friends.

During our interview with Dr Mehrpour, he discussed about Scoliosis and the problems involved with the late treatment of this illness.
Dr Mehrpour added that: if scoliosis do not get completely treated on time, it will progress and increase over the time and will make the life of the children harder and harder.  From one hand, the curvature of the spine can put pressure on the spinal nerves and paralyze the children after few years.  From another hand, apart from the paralyzing problems, deformation of the spine will create appearance and moving problems which leads to the child getting withdrawn from the society.
Dr Mehrpour was successful in carrying out the hard and tough scoliosis surgery of Zakieh and complete her treatment process after the surgery. A child, which because of the financial problems wasn’t treated until now and her illness had been progressed.

Now, the eleven years old Zakieh, which her mother tells us that it had been ten years which she was looking for a cure for her child's problem, with the help of Zanireh  Omid and the efforts of volunteer doctors of the institute, she has been treated and could happily live like other normal children.

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