The subspecialized orthopedic clinic of Zanjireh Omid in Gonbad

The subspecialized orthopedic clinic of Zanjireh Omid in Gonbad

Saturday, January 25, 2014

On Thursday Jan 23, 2014 the subspecialized orthopedic clinic of Zanjireh Omid was held at Taleghani hospital in Gonbad.

In this clinic which was held from morning to afternoon of Thursday at Gonbad’s Taleghani hospital, Zanjireh Omid’s doctors examined 87 underprivileged sick children from Gonbad and the nearby villages.

In this clinic Dr. Shahriar Kamrani, the orthopedic specialist – subspecialized hand surgeon and Dr. Saeed Mehrpour, the specialized pediatric orthopedic surgeon who have been dispatched with Zanjireh Omid team to Gonbad, examined the patients referred by Zanjireh Omid’s representative in Gonbad.

Approximately 90 sick children with various problems have been referred to this clinic. 47 of them have been referred to Tehran to be operated by Zanjireh Omid medical team.

Based on the statistics of Zanjireh Omid Representative in Gonbad, 20 Gonbadi children will be dispatched to Tehran by March 15th to be operated by the subspecilized medical team of Zanjireh Omid.

Zanjireh Omid’s subspecialized orthopedic clinic was held on Thursday from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Zanjireh Omid’s volunteer doctors have examined this city’s patients for 7 hours.

These children have been received by Zanjireh Omid representative in Gonbad and their files have been prepared. Then they have been referred to the subspecialized clinic of Zanjireh Omid for examination and diagnosis by the volunteer doctors of this institute.

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