Construction of the largest subspecialty pediatric hospital in Iran and the Middle East

Continuation of the construction of Omid subspecialty Children's Hospital

Sunday, March 14, 2021

According to Zanjireh Omid Public Relations, we visited the progress stages of the Omid Children's Hospital project, which is the first and largest pediatric surgery hospital in Iran and the Middle East and is being built by Zanjireh Omid International Charity, with the presence of a small number of donors. And the media covered the meeting in full compliance with health protocols due to the Covid-19 pandemic and with the support of Zarrin Roya Company.

In this program, Maryam Marashi, the managing director of Zanjireh Omid international charity, said: "The construction of a 540-bed pediatric hospital is an essential national project that will be built for the first time in the country and the Middle East, where excavation and nailing have been completed." And continuing to build it requires the support and cooperation of all.

She emphasized: This hospital will provide all medical-general and sub-specialized services along with a well-equipped and standard rehabilitation center for children and the existence of a research center for pediatric medicine, a trauma center for children, and also the construction of a high-capacity accommodation center in Next to the hospital, one of the unique features of Omid Children's Hospital is that the model of this hospital, according to all experts in the ministry and hospital construction specialists, has the complete study package.

Marashi stated: The project of a 540-bed hospital started last year in the Javadieh area of ​​Tehran, and the total construction cost of the hospital is estimated at 2500 billion Tomans. Excavation has been completed, and in mid-May of 1400, the first phase of the project with 135 beds will begin, and the subsequent phases will be operational for the next five years. This hospital welcomes children from all over the country.

Ms. Marashi also announced: We at Charity have a project called AjorNama so that three groups of donors can participate in this charity:

1- The big donors can get all their financial reports from Zanjireh Omid and register the room or bed in their own name if they want.

2- Average donors can register a brick in their name forever by buying each brick for 200,000 Tomans by signing and using QRCode.

3- In the project that Hamrah-e-Awal has provided to Zanjireh Omid with the coordination of the Minister of Communications, in the spring 1400 mass SMS will be sent to Hamrah-e-Aval subscribers that Hamrah-e-Aval subscribers can participate in the construction of the hospital by using a specific code which by that they donate the charity 300 tomans daily.

On the sidelines of the program, the Managing Director of Zanjireh Omid presented a report on the 14-year performance of the charity and said: "Since July 2007, about 13,800 sick children from all over the country have undergone sub-specialized surgery by the international charity of Zanjireh Omid. It offers healthcare services to children under 18 at the lowest cost, regardless of religion, race, or nationality, following international standards in three fields: heart, orthopedics, and reconstructive.

She added that last year, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, over 1,050 children underwent surgery and treatment with the help of volunteer teams in the country. Due to poor economic conditions, 2,500 complete food packages were donated to families to support patients. In January of 1399, Zanjireh Omid children's house was reopened, and the patients were covered by rehabilitation according to health protocols.

She emphasized: due to the Covid-19 crisis, the physiotherapy of the patients has not been stopped. More than 3500 rehabilitation sessions have been held online by the rehabilitation staff of Zanjireh Omid.

Regarding the cooperation with welfare organization, Marashi said: "According to the memorandum of understanding that exists between the Welfare Organization of the country and the international charity of Zanjireh Omid, 2250 welfare patients have been treated and operated in the charity so far."

In this program, the documentary film "Children of Hope" directed by Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah was also shown. In this film, we see the children present in the movie "Hey People" by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, their treatment, and expression of their health.

In the end, Arash Tusi, Vice President of Sales of Zarrin Roya Company (MyBaby), expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with the charity and said: "We have entered the third year of cooperation with Zanjireh Omid and during this period, 568 children with heart problems underwent surgery in Zanjireh Omid and supported by My Baby brand, and we are pleased that we have been able to cooperate with Zanjireh Omid in the field of children's heart treatment and take effective steps towards their health."

He also said: "Zarrin Roya Company (MyBaby) is a completely private company, and the basis of its macro policies is based on the individual, family, and society. In addition to offering the best quality, each of the company's products is a project called social responsibility." We also hope that this empathy and participation will take place in all small and large enterprises and be included in companies' budgets. They will be committed to fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Tusi added: "We are complete" transparently aware of the cases of sick children who are in the process of treatment, and the beauty of this participation is that we see the treatment and smiles of the children who are being treated. "

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