Visit of the vatican ambassador to the Zanjireh Omid international Charity

Meeting and exchange of views between the Vatican Ambassador and the managing director of the Zanjireh Omid international charity

Monday, October 26, 2020

According to the public relation section of the Zanjireh Omid Bishop Leo Bocardi, the Vatican Ambassador in Iran, met with Maryam Marashi, the managing director of the Zanjireh Omid and its members, and donated money to treat the children on behalf of the world's Catholic leader Pope Francis.

In this meeting, while introducing the charity members and their responsibilities, Maryam Marashi explained the charity's formation and the organization's performance.

She said: " Zanjireh Omid International Charity Institute started working from June 26, 2007, which also known as Chain of Hope (independent branch of French La Chaîne de l'Espoir institute), is a nonprofit and nongovernmental independent organization offering healthcare services to underprivileged Iranian children with cardiac, orthopedic and reconstructive conditions in Iran, regardless of religion, race, and nationality with the lowest expense paid by sponsors, From the beginning of its activity until now, This institute has been providing subspecialty operations to almost 13800 children from all over the country in three particular fields (Orthopedic, Cardiac, Reconstructive).

With Expressing satisfaction with the meeting, the Vatican Ambassador said: "I came here to bring the blessings and greetings of Pope Francis and his assist to the children you are helping, also the Catholic Church is always close with those who are suffering and sick.

He also added: "The main mission of the gospel is to proclaim the god's mercy, forgiveness, and love," as Jesus Christ demonstrated to us by being by the side of all kinds of sickness and healing them to reveal us the merciful face of God.

Leo Bocardi said: "When I think of saints like Saint Lawrence of Rome, Vincent de Paul, Camillus de Lellis, or in our day, Mother Teresa or Father Damien and many others, I notice that the greatest saints of the church have always been their benefactors."

He emphasized: "No one can be indifferent to the suffering children and as the mothers did we must take the bread out of our mouths to help suffering children, and the aid that the Holy Father has sent to you is a sign of this love for many children who are in pain and suffering.

The Vatican Ambassador added: "I am delighted to present you the contribution of Pope Francis to the International Charitable Foundation of the Zanjireh Omid by the Pope's representative for charity, Cardinal Krajewski, and my visit is to encourage you to maintain and continue your purpose and also is to praise and appreciate what you have done so far.

While appreciating, Maryam Marashi said: "The amount you have donated is very sacred and valuable for this organization; besides, I believe that the goal of all religions is equivalent, and I was astonished when I heard about the activities that Pope Francis has done." It is an honor for us that he has cooperated with the Zanjireh Omid, and we will provide you a comprehensive report of the expenses we incur with your donation.

Regarding charitable performance, she said: "Zanjireh Omid is the first charitable organization with a sub-specialized team of Iranian and international physicians. So far, 150 French teams have traveled to Iran via our sister organization Chain of Hope in France "La Chaîne de l'Espoir "to carry out sub-specialized medical missions and medical, scientific, and educational interactions." Also, 152 subspecialty doctors who have been professors of the University of Medical Sciences have been sent for Observer training courses with the cooperation of "La Chaîne de l'Espoir"; three doctors have also been sent for educational interactions and medical knowledge updating.

The Managing Director of Zanjireh Omid emphasized: "One of the essential activities of this institute is the significant reduction of treatment costs with the highest level of standard quality of treatment plus this institute has several outstanding medical achievements for the first time in Iran, which are:

1- Corrective surgery for deviation of more than 100 degrees of the spine using the Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring Device;

2- Surgery for Pectus Excavatum patients by inserting special equipment called Nuss;

3- Surgery for brachial plexus or hand paralysis using hand nerve grafting and using biological glue instead of sutures;

4- Transplant surgery of Toe to Thumb;

5- Treatment Protocol for Cleft Lip and Palate;

6- Reduction of Mortality Rate among Neonates with Cardiac Problems; and the Establishment of a NICU at Children Medical Center;

7- Establishment and Equipment of Children's House with a turnover of 250 admissions per month, given that a large percentage of sick children need a full rehabilitation center and complementary therapeutic care before and after surgery.

According to a contract between Tehran University of Medical Sciences, a 26,000-square-meter plot of land in the Javadiyeh area of Tehran, on the west side of Baharloo Hospital, was given to the Omid chain for 99 years.

Maryam Marashi further said: "Zanjireh Omid Charity due to the urgent need of pediatric subspecialists team in Iran and lack of a subspecialty medical and training center has started a project to build a sub-specialized pediatric hospital in Tehran.

Feasibility studies with the international department of APHP (Paris Hospital Hospital Assistant) began for one year with research and field studies in Tehran.

She added: "According to the company's plan, the main model of the hospital is a 540-bed sub-specialized hospital that will provide all general and sub-specialized medical services, along with a well- equipped and standard rehabilitation center for children and a pediatric medical research center." The pediatric trauma center, as well as the construction of a high-capacity residential center next to the hospital, is one of the unique features of Omid Children's Hospital. According to all ministry experts and hospital construction specialists, this hospital's model has a complete study package.

The Vatican ambassador thanked for the detailed explanation that was provided and said: I talked to the director of the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, which is also the hospital of Pope; it is one of the best and largest specialized pediatric hospitals in Europe and perhaps in the world, which has cooperated in different countries and continents. According to the discussions I have had, they are very eager to collaborate with your organization in various scientific and medical fields.

 "We are pleased to cooperate with this hospital. We can have bilateral cooperation in dispatching doctors to Rome and from Rome to Tehran so that the subspecialty doctors can interact with each other," said the managing director of Zanjireh Omid Charity."

She added: Although it is stated that the recent sanctions against Iran do not include medicine, food, and medical items, I must say that because it is not possible to transfer money, there is practically no exchange in this regard, and that jeopardized many children's life.

Also, the impossibility of timely and quick access to treatment, in addition to increasing the mortality of children, will cause physical disability for these innocent creatures. Unfortunately, today, in addition to their own country, they pay the penalty of oppression in our country.

Leo Bocardi, while regretting the effects of the sanctions, welcomed the offer of interaction between doctors of the two countries and said that "we will indeed cooperate in this direction.

After this conversation, they watched a videotape that showed the fruitful charity performance of the Zanjireh Omid during these years. After watching the videotape, Maryam Marashi, while praising the valuable works and numerous surgeries that Professor Keyvan Mazda did for the treatment of deprived children, said: "He was a very honorable, good and kind-hearted man who can be said to be one of the best spine specialists in the world, who unfortunately passed away two years ago, but his path continues, and we are continuing his purpose."

The Vatican ambassador said: "I was very impressed while watching this videotape, and I can see that goodness is everywhere, we should not keep on talking about evil and war; we should open our eyes to see the goodness which is surrounding us. Today has been a wonderful day for me, and I hope to have some significant interactions soon.

In the end, a letter of appreciation was presented to the Vatican Ambassador by the managing director of the Zanjireh Omid.

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