Meeting Medical Needs amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Ongoing Pediatric Medical Treatments at Zanjireh Omid

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Tehran (Zanjireh Omid) - Despite the specific situation arising from corona-virus; the admission, medical treatment and surgery of children still goes on at Zanjireh Omid.

Around 162 new children have been admitted at the institute since the reopening of medical centers across the country in mid-April 2020. Their admission process has been made online due to the widespread Covid-19 pandemic.

Total of 386 treatment and surgeries were performed from April to September 2020 in the following fields:

200 cases in orthopedic

168 cases in cardiac

18 cases in reconstructive

207 Iranian and 178 refugees received medical treatment and surgeries during this period.

Rehabilitation Department of Zanjireh Omid charity institute has delivered online instructions since March 2020 to avoid any delays in children's treatment process, with 1635 online physiotherapy, mental, and physical occupational therapy sessions in total.

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