Zanjireh Omid's Rehabilitation Services amid CoVid19 Lockdown


Thursday, May 21, 2020

While we were all forced to live under lockdown during Coronavirus outbreak, the rehabilitation team of Zanjireh Omid's did not forget children. 

Zanjireh Omid (Tehran) - online therapy programs were scheduled by the rehab team and commenced on April 12, 2020 to follow up the treatment process of 40 patients via social media.

In this program, the institute's medical therapists telephoned parents to catch up on children's latest mobility status update, and designed physical exercises needed for children and sent video clips to the families via social media.

The therapists contacted the families of children every other day and were notified of their physical progress through videos filmed by their own parents. If any positive changes or progress were seen, new instructional videos were sent to the families.

Through this therapeutic method, the physiotherapy and mental/physical occupation therapy teams held over 455 online therapy sessions, which have yielded significant results and progress.

Below is a video clip displaying positive impacts of distant rehabilitation services provided by Zanjireh Omid's team:

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