Examination and Teeth and jaw’s treatment of 12 children

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Saturday, November 26, 2022

At Zanjireh Omid charity, in order to implement the treatment protocol for cleft lip and palate, and teeth treatment of deprived children was carried out by a group of doctors under the supervision of Dr. Mohsen Shirazi and nursing Team.

At the end of last week - Thursday 24th of November 2022 - Dr. Mohsen Shirazi who is a sub-specialist pediatric surgeon with the medical team and with the presence of Dr. Yasamin Jalali and Mrs. Hadieh Jahanbin, performed jaw and tooth restoration on a total of 12 children supported by Zanjireh Omid Charity.

These children who suffered damage in the area of ​​the cleft and lip palate and teeth and jaw received the necessary medical services including orthodontics, examination of cleft palate (teeth), molding before orthodontics and plate replacement.

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