Holding Zanjireh Omid’s First Orthodontic Clinic This New Year (1402)

Zanjireh Omid’s first Orthodontic clinic in 1402 will be held on Thursday, Ordibehesht 14th (May 4th).

Monday, May 1, 2023

Cleft lip and palate are common birth defects among children that make the child’s face and mouth look abnormal. Besides this, it causes other problems such as nutrition, speech, and medical problems in children. There are lots of children who suffer from this disease. Since the treatment procedure for children with this problem takes years and due to its high expenses, many families are not able to afford the treatment expenses.

Zanjireh Omid Charity Institute by forming a subspecialty team (including a Plastic Surgeon, Pediatric Cardiac Subspecialist, Speech Therapist, ENT surgeon, Orthodontist, and Prothesiste) and by adopting a treatment protocol in accordance with international standards, in line with a treatment procedure, it has acted to achieve the most favorable treatment result. It causes these children with complete recovery to live as useful members of society.

According to Zanjireh Omid’s Public Relations report, one treatment stage for children with cleft lip and palate problems based on the related protocol, except surgery and speech therapy is orthodontic which this ward has been launched for more than 5 years at Zanjireh Omid Charity Institute. In the year 1401, 6 Orthodontic clinics have been held and many children have benefited from the services of these clinics.  

The orthodontic clinic where all its services are free will be held on Thursday, Ordibehesht 14th and it is the continuation of children’s treatment who have had surgery and refer to the clinic for completing their treatment procedure one more time.

Currently, Orthodontics in Zanjireh Omid performs by Dr. Shirazi, an orthodontic specialist and faculty member of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and one of the most experienced and well-known orthodontists in Iran.

It should be noted that Zanjireh Omid Orthodontic Clinic has started its activity since Khordad 11th (June), 1396 by Dr. Shirazi.

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